Initial Consultation

Initial Consultations are the most common type of visit. This is for those who are experiencing breastfeeding problems and are in need of assistance. The visit will last around 1.5-2 hours and is typically scheduled to begin about 30 minutes before an expected feeding (the goal is to observe a full feeding during this visit, which can be difficult if baby eats shortly before I arrive).

During this visit, we will go over your medical and birth history and discuss any issues your baby is having. I will observe a full feeding and make recommendations on positioning and latch to optimize milk transfer and minimize pain. I will bring my hospital grade scale and will weigh your baby before and after they feed to determine exactly how much they are transferring.

We will discuss any questions or concerns you may have and you will be provided with evidence-based recommendations, education, and support. Together, we will develop a personalized care plan, and I will send a detailed report of our visit to your baby’s pediatrician. Initial consultations include two weeks of phone and e-mail follow up and support.

            Cost: $140

*Generous discount offered to Military, First Responders, and Teachers. Please inquire for more information.*


Follow up Consultation

*For established clients only*

Follow up consultations may be booked for further assistance with issues that are a bit more complex or cannot be resolved in just one visit. This visit typically lasts around one hour and looks very similar to an initial consultation, but does not take quite as long because we have already met, reviewed medical history, and covered basic education. Follow up visits include one week of phone and e-mail follow up and support.

            Cost: $75


Prenatal Consultation

Prenatal consultations are perfect for those who want to get a head start on breastfeeding or want to set themselves up for success. Maybe this is your first baby or maybe you’ve had difficulties breastfeeding in the past. Either way, a prenatal consultation will include a thorough review of your medical history, including identifying any factors that may make breastfeeding a little more challenging. We will discuss best practices for establishing successful breastfeeding and you will also receive access to my digital breastfeeding class (an extensive PowerPoint presentation). We will develop a personalized care plan for baby’s first 72 hours. Prenatal visits typically last around one hour and include a 20% discount off a home visit ($140) once baby arrives. 

            Cost: $75


Back to Work Consultation

Back to work consultations are great for mothers who are returning to work and have questions about or are nervous about this transition. We will discuss many issues related to this change, including how much milk to pump and provide,  milk supply management and storage, bottle introduction, your workplace rights, and more. We will develop a pumping plan that works for you and can practice introducing the bottle if you haven't already done so. Back to work visits typically last about one hour.

Cost: $75


Induced Lactation Consultations

Induced Lactation consultations are for those who are either adopting a baby or whose baby was born via surrogate and are wishing to provide their own breastmilk for nutrition and/or bonding purposes. These visits include a thorough review of your medical history, including identifying factors that may inhibit inducing lactation. We will discuss evidence-based protocols for inducing lactation and I will provide you with updated resources on this process. Inducing lactation can take many months and we will discuss realistic expectations as well as equipment that is often helpful or necessary during this process. We will discuss any and all concerns you may have and together we will develop a personalized care plan. I will send a detailed report to your physician, if desired. Due to the lengthy nature of inducing lactation, these visits include four weeks of phone and e-mail follow up and support.

            Cost: $125